About Us

Being in the music industry has been part of our blood for some while. My wife and DJ partner... Susan... and I met in the High School Band and dated for a couple years before getting married. During that time we continued to be part of various bands, playing in the local bars, Honky Tonks and Dives of Detroit. Even donating time for the elderly at the local nursing facilities.

From there we moved to Tennessee to raise our family, throwing get togethers with our friends & neighbors, simply celebrating life and playing music that kept the parties going. Being a percussionist; no doubt has given me an innate ability to search out and find music with good beats that appealed to the masses for dancing.

It wasn't until a brother-in-law introduced me to the idea of downloading my CD's to my laptop instead of using the CD player to switch back & forth between songs... that I came to the realization... "Hey! This works!"

But not well enough to keep up with the demands of our annual New Years parties which were growing larger than our house could handle. Having to find other facilities and factoring in the expense of hiring professional DJ's with the excellent sound systems to kick off the parties into high gear, keep up and keep them going... it only made sense that I eventually invested in my own system and get back into the mix of what I loved doing and missed. 

That's when our parties became huge, blow out events that really began to grow. Word spread... and we found ourselves being DJ's for Private Parties & Weddings all throughout the calendar year. Then it became apparent to start doing gigs for the local bars... not a easy task convincing them either. Although we were high tech and some of the first to go digital when others were still toting around CD's during the karaoke craze ... bar crowds are a whole lot more selective with what they want to hear compared to simply playing old worn out repetitive hits that any DJ could easily play to get the crowd jumpin' at "One Gig" Reunions and Weddings. Hits are hits for sure... but they can't be played week after week in a Bar or Night Club... time after time... they get old and boring real quick.

Which... by all accounts gave us the experience we needed to analyze what is going on with what needs to happen. Not something you learn overnight... it takes years of practice to be a good DJ spending hours upon hours every week searching through music with a willingness to be dedicated to keeping up on current releases. And we often get the opportunity to reminisce with those we've worked for over the years reflecting upon those memorable events we've DJ'd at. And that's what counts... meeting people all over again that remembered the good time they had at such and such party years ago.

My advice... of course... hire a DJ and make your event count. Not just because I'm a DJ... but... that's the way we started off too, hiring a professional DJ with great sound equipment and great music. And those memories are certainly worth every penny I spent. See... they're not just our memories... the hundreds of others who came as guests have their own wonderful memories too.