Dance Party Audio DJs, Video DJs and Karaoke DJs are a great form of entertainment for your Middle Tennessee Night Club or Bar. With a huge selection of today’s hottest songs and an outstanding sound system you can rest assure that your patrons will be entertained all night long. We understand the need to mix it up from time to time, so we will play the Chart Topping music of today along with yesterday's Classics to keep the party going. All along, being active on the mic, promoting your upcoming events and special offers to make sure everyone comes back for new experiences.

DJs are now an essential part of American musical culture. Whereas, at one time, DJs existed on the fringes of the music scene, today, disc jockeys are everywhere. And their styles vary from pure mashup & remixes, techno / house, to retro. Typically; the music we choose is based on how we read the crowd factoring in their song requests. Essentially modifying our playlist to the crowd to throw the biggest party we can.

Belonging to several early release music clubs/programs geared specifically towards the radio & DJ market, we have everything in every genre on or hitting the charts. We're dedicated to staying on top. Quite often introducing new music that will be hitting the charts down the road... "You've heard it here first!"

With such a diversity in music nowadays and patrons driven towards specific tastes ... we can also focus on a specific genre throughout the evening. With some flexibility in mind, to lean towards whatever crowd is your target group. Whether it be one night a month or every week. Such as a Latino night… a younger crowd Urban night… a more adult Dance Music night… or even a Patriotic Southern Rock or Backwoods Dirt Road Country night. Theme nights are the newest rage... such as "Glow Nights", etc.